Single Touch Payroll for Developers

STP Developer Resources

Digital Partnership Office (DPO)

The Digital Partnership Office (DPO) is the first point of contact for the software development industry with the ATO.​​

ATO resources for Digital Service Providers (DSP)

The ATO has a wide range of services and support to help software developers stay up to date with the latest news and information. 

Standard Business Reporting

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) provides software developers with a significant opportunity to increase the functionality of their products and simplify the way their clients interact with government services electronically.​

You can register to develop SBR-enabled products through Online services for Digital service providers (DSPs).

STP Developer Documents

DPO STP Document Library

The library of technical, informative and consultation documents for Single Touch Payroll. Use the design and technical documents to commence your build of Single Touch Payroll. 






The ATO held ebMS3 training sessions in February and March 2017 in partnership with ABSIA. The sessions covered information on the consumption of our ebMS3 services for income tax, superannuation enabling services and Single Touch Payroll and an SBR2 training package was developed.



DSP Operational Security Framework (DSP OSF)

The growth of the ATO's digital wholesale services increases productivity and community connectivity across the digital economy. This connectivity presents a range of service opportunities, business risks and security implications. The DSP Operational Security Framework (OSF) is part of the ATO's response to these risks and establishes how the ATO will provide access to and monitor the digital transfer of data through software.