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Positive feedback from the Single Touch Payroll Small Business Pilot.

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

We recently ran a Single Touch Payroll Small Business Pilot in conjunction with the ATO at their Brisbane Co-Design Centre. We also had a WebEx remote session for those who were unable to join us at the Co-Design Centre.

We are extremely delighted with the amazing feedback we received. We have always been very passionate about the benefits that Single Touch Payroll will provide both employees and employers, so it was great to hear that same positivity projected from the Pilot participants. We would like to also thank all those that attended both sessions for giving us some of their valuable time and feedback. We certainly know how busy it can get in business, so the sacrifice of time is always greatly appreciated. We would like to thank the ATO for the use of their awesome facilities.

You can contact us anytime on 1300 372 932 for further information about Single Touch Payroll or if you wish to have a individual Pilot session. Additionally, you can stay up-to-date with Single Touch Payroll information here.

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