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A limited release of Single Touch Payroll started 1 July 2017 and the first submission processed.

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

A limited release of Single Touch Payroll has started on the 1 July 2017 for a small number of employers. These employers will be able to report payroll information through a Single Touch Payroll enabled solution. Single Touch Payroll will operate with limited functionality for this select group.

We have provided a updated Single Touch Payroll enabled version of e-PayDay® to a select number of Employers. Our first STP file has been successfully submitted and processed by the ATO on the 6 July 2017. The submission was also available on the ATO Business Portal.

We would now like additional employers to be involved in the near future. If you are currently using e-PayDay® and would like to be part of this limited release you can notify us here.

From October 2017 – additional functionality will be available. Once available, employers can choose to start reporting through Single Touch Payroll early.

On 1 April 2018 – the employees you have on this date will need to be included in your headcount to determine if you have 20 or more employees.

From 1 July 2018 – Single Touch Payroll reporting will be mandatory for employers with 20 or more employees.

Learn more about STP here.

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